My Experience with Carmina Shoemaker

There is nothing I love more than travelling. Getting abroad and visiting other countries, experiencing the vast cultural differences, culinary delights and diversity in the fashion industries.

During my most recent trip, travelling through Europe, I made it a mission of mine to go through Spain and in-particular the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Mallorca is home to some of the world’s best beaches, food, partying and above all else SHOE MAKERS. Shoe makers like Yeossal, Meermin and of course the best in the business Carmina.

The Carmina Shoemakers are a fully family owned and operated business with third generation members of the Carmina family currently at the helm of the company. The love, passion and world class craftmanship that goes into each and every shoe is extremely hard to miss.

I was fortunate enough to be invited into the Carmina Mallorca store to meet the staff, view the extensive range of shoes and enjoy the Carmina customer experience. As you would expect the staff were beautiful and Spanish, they were all very knowledgeable and passionate about the company and shoes they were selling, and it was pretty obvious why.

Carmina was no standard shoe manufacturer, they are more like Mercedes Benz of the shoe world. They sure can make a nice shoe, the designs were exquisite and sleek, the leathers were smooth and musky, the build quality was outstanding, the shopping experience was definitely one of a kind.

The feeling you get when you’re wearing your new shoes is rather electric. Kind of like rolling around in the new S-class AMG, when that rubber hits the road there is nothing that looks, feels or performs better and has with all the comfort that comes with it.

Carmina definitely is delivering a luxury experience for its customers, which you get to relive every time you wear that immaculate pair of shoes.

So did I get a pair? Absolutely! I chose Carmina’s brown woven tassel loafer. The fit was perfect straight out of the box and the sole comfortable, with that luxurious thud you get from every step you take in a pair of hand crafted goodyear welted loafers.

I strongly believe that once you have tried the Carmina difference you will become a  customer for life as the fit, feel and quality will certainly be hard to pass up.


Whats next for me and Carmina?

Now that I have had a taste of the first pair, I think I will need to explore the bespoke options offered by Carmina and have a crack at designing my very own pair of shoes.


Take a scroll below to see the how my time in Carmina Mallorca looked.

Once you’ve done that, take a look at to get your own pair of Carmina’s



And now, how have I styled the loafers since …..



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