The All New Peugeot 508 GT-line Fastback

Whats the perfect car for executives, families and everyone in between!? I think I might have the answer!

For many car enthusiasts, car lovers or simply car owners out there, at first glance this car looks like something you would expect rolling off a German show room from Audi or BMW. But no! This is a Peugeot, and dam good one at that.

Allow me to introduce the All New Peugeot 508 GT-Line Fastback

The new 508 looks sleek, sophisticated and little bit naughty. The GT-Line’s comes with a super sporty front end, racey 19inch rims and dual exhausts. But that’s only the beginning, the 508 comes with an interior that is a cross between your favourite lounge chair and a new world technological experience.

The stitched red-leather seats offer electronic adjustment, heating and…..wait for it massage seats. The seats offer 5, yes 5 different types of massage settings. The interiors spacious layout offered everything you need while providing you with a reassuring sense of luxury.

The digital dash, 13.2 inch head up touch screen display and controls not only complement the 508’s stylish exterior but they help to elevate this car to a whole new level. A level of bold aesthetics, elegance and luxury not exactly expected from mid-size Peugeot saloon, which makes this car a stand out even more in the Peugeot range.

The GT-Line rides like a gentlemen but offers more punch than an angry beaver. The 226hp 1.6L turbo engine, pairs perfectly with the silky smooth 8 speed gearbox offering a level of performance easily comparable to that of a bigger engine saloon. The GT-Line offers three different driving modes, however, in any driving mode the 1.6L is able to cruise happily on the highway, overtake effortlessly and blast through country side with enough excitement for any weekend punter.

All Smiles after my squirts through the country side

The 508 is fitted with Peugeot’s latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, that makes driving, parking and manoeuvring an absolute breeze. It has an enormous boot, enabling you to load it up with the whole family’s luggage for a weekend away or rather just the golf clubs for you a few a mates.

I constantly found myself making up excuses, just so I had another reason to go out for a drive in the 508 and I was ever so sad when it came time to hand over the keys to give it back.

I’ve had a hard time faulting the 508 and truly believe the versatility of this car renders it suitable for almost all markets.

To find out more about the 508 or to book a test drive click here. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

And if you still haven’t gotten enough of the 508, keep scrolling for a collection of my favourite shots.

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