What Coat to buy this Winter

When the days start to get shorter and the air begins to get crisper, you know it’s about to be coat season!

As coat season rolls around, so too, do the same old coats from last year’s department stores. So how do you mix it up and keep your style fresh, individual and on point?

You custom make! We live in age now where tailoring is easily accessible, reasonably priced and best of all, offers amazing quality.

This coat season, I have turned to Hockerty Menswear. Why? This year alone, I have already made two suits with Hockerty, both have been incredibly well fitting and have arrived with good quality, needless to say, my faith in the brand is strong.

On the morning I decided to style my next coat, I logged on to the Hockerty website during my lunch break to began the design process.

The, roughly 10 step process commences with the selection of the coat fabrics. I knew I wanted something thick and grey, which made my selection process easy. However, Hockerty offers some 30-40 coat materials, so there is definitely something for everyone.

From here, Hockerty offers you the ability to completely customise the style and design of the coat. From the garment length to the colour of stitching, you have an option to customise. Best of all, Hockerty offer the ability to include removable quilted liners. This was the cherry on the cake for me.

While this might sound like a lot of choice, choosing a fabric is made very simple with Hockerty’s super high quality life size virtual model. Each colour selection is depicted on the virtual model so you know exactly what you are buying and how it will look.

Deciding the make the investment into a new coat can sometimes be fairly sizeable, so you want to make sure you can get an acceptable return on this investment. Having the ability to remove the quilted liner makes the coat not only great in winter, but in the shoulder seasons as well. You now have a new coat that is suitable all year round.

Now onto the fit, Hockerty offers super comprehensive and easy to follow guides to capturing your measurements to ensure your garment is tailored to perfection. If you don’t know your measurements or don’t have the ability to have someone help you with them, never fear. By inserting your height, weight, body shape and preferred fit type, Hockerty will recommend a size which is 90% accurate the size of your body, not bad if you ask me.

Having completed all my selections within 15 minutes, I was completely finished and my coat was on its way to me and it was back to work for me.

Check out the images below to see the full details of the coat is designed.


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