What to buy for the man who has everything with Krug Timepieces

When it comes to men’s gifting, deciding on the perfect gift can often be very challenging, particularly when the person you’re buying for seems to have it all. 

Where do you start? How much do you spend? Instore or online? Big or small? So many questions and so little time.

So you’ve narrowed down your search and you’ve decided on adding some class to your man’s life with a new time piece, Perfect!. But now you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new range of endless questions to answer in finding the right watch to buy.

The good news is I am here to help guide you through your deliberation.

Step 1. Establish a price point to gauge the list of brands you are dealing with. This will help narrow down the market.

Step 2. Decide on a design and style.

Are we going to go leather band, Milanese band, big face, small face, gold or silver? All very important questions to ask. Answering these might be as easy as going to your man’s watch collection and taking a look at what he doesn’t have. If nothing else, doing this will help you at least ascertain what he likes.

Step 3. Do you research.

Okay, so by now you know the brands you’re looking at and you know the style you’re going for. But when it comes to watches it’s important to then understand what is actually good value and what is simply just expensive marketing that is translating into a hefty price point.

How do you know it’s good value?

A good way to determine value is to look to the movements and where they are made. For me, I always look for Swiss made. In my experience no one does it better than the Swiss, so you know this is a sure fire way of getting value for money.

Particularly when it comes to comparing the Swiss made quality ticker to the heavily marketed Chinese equivalent. The Swiss back their products and tend to offer extended warranties.

In terms of movements quartz is perfect for the most part, alternatively, you might find the mechanical movements to your liking. However, you generally won’t find a sleek/slim design with a mechanical movement due to thicker nature of the movement, so a quartz is a great option for a variety of styles.

Tried and Tested?

After going through this process myself recently, I found my way to Krug time pieces. They are an Australian Company, using Swiss Made time pieces, being sold at very reasonable prices.

Krug offer a number of different time pieces, all suiting a different purpose, see the full range here.

Krug have done an exceptional job of delivering sleek and modern designs to their time pieces and I recently decided to treat myself by picking up a few models. Yes, I said a few models. I decided I deserved two pieces after being without a nice watch for quite some time so I chose the Astra and the Aurora models.

The Aurora was a no brainer for me with a big face and leather band, the two essential criteria for me when looking for a new time piece. These features allow me to wear the watch both casually and formally.

The Aurora for me is the most contemporary style, it has a rose gold and blue face with a working chronograph and date portal. The first thing you notice when this watch hits your wrist is the superior quality. The watch’s face is covered with a sapphire coated mineral glass and the band whiffs of genuine leather. It looks right at home with any outfit and has a presence of a watch many times the price point of the Krug timepiece.

For me this style is the best allrounder and would be the ultimate present for a fussy man.

The Astra was my next choice. It was a slightly cheaper model and it offered a very sleek yet classy minimalist design. The silver face paired with the Milanese band and the sleek design meant this would be the perfect watch to pair with a suit or formal attire, i.e. my work wear. I generally wear this watch daily with my work suits and it is the perfect complement to my business meetings.

I love the smaller and sleeker design of the watch, it slides up nicely under my sleeve and doesn’t restrict me typing away. The band is easily adjusted and wears very well, I still haven’t scratched it after many months of careless wear.

For me this style made sense for corporate and smart casual looks and I love it.

Take a look through some of my styling of the watches below.

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