Wrist wear for the modern gent with Azuro Republic

Styling for the wrist


When it’s the details that count, you can count on the minor touches to make the biggest difference.

Some of the biggest statements come from the most subtle of accessories. Think contrasting socks, a poppy pocket square, small lapel pins, sharp sunglasses or a banging wrist game.

When we talk about wrist styling, it is not to be confused with a blinging wrist watch or fancy gold jewellery. We’re talking classic and traditional pieces as seen below featuring an Azuro Republic bracelet that I had a great time styling.

Who is Azuro Republic and what do they stand for?

Azuro Republic are a manufacturer of some of the world’s finest beaded wrist wear. The company seeks to source the best quality and highest value materials to be used in the construction of their bracelets. With these bracelets the company endeavours to redefine what it means to be a true gentlemen.

Azuro Republic stand for the passion, equality, success and inspiration. Their four core values underpin the way in which they conduct their business and the way in which they approach the construction and design of their bracelets. This makes the Azuro team a pleasure to deal with when buying products and makes their products a dream to wear once you have received them. Learn more about Azuro here.

The Azuro website also has a number of great blog’s with tips and tricks for the modern gent. A great way to unwind and read up on some topical info blogs after doing some shopping on their site  These blogs can be found here.

How to do wrist wear the right way!

Now down to the good stuff, how to incorporate one of these pieces into your day-to-day. Remember, the added style that comes from wrist wear is not to be underestimated. Be it a single or double bracelet in a beaded, threaded or sewn style. You name it, this touch will add volumes to your look.

I for one have been a big fan of the wrist wear from a very young age and more recently have been adding in some very classy beaded bracelets to my casual and my relaxed suited looks. There are no rules and it is a piece that can be worked into the look that suits your style the best.  


My bracelets of choice lately have been the Azuro Republic beaded enamel range. The range offers a very strong and sleek look, while showcasing some of the world’s highest quality minerals and enamels to form the final products.

Check out the Azruo range to see more styles, colours and designs.


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